Stratocaster© Telecaster© Custom / Relics Vintage Restorations

PBG Guitar Restorations: Period correct reconstructions of fender classics with verified Vintage Fender parts.

That means: Verified original Fender parts including; original Fender necks, bodies, pickups, and hardware. Telecaster bridges, Stratocaster tremelo, tailpieces, tuners, pickguards, and all other essential Fender hardware.

All parts are selected from the finest collections of vintage Fender parts and are verified original Fender parts, model and year. With the addition of modern Fender electronics (new period correct pots, switches, caps, wire, and solder), the unmistakable sound of the original Fender pickups become the focal point of the guitars’ tone and the original necks and bodies are the hallmark of playability for which Leo’s genius was so well known.

Like fine automobile restorations these guitars are brought to life, in new condition, in terms of reliability, playability, and tone; for gigging, touring, or studio apps.

We currently have restored Telecasters, Stratocasters, Musicmasters, and P & Jazz basses, all available in a variety of colors and styles. Our goal is embodied in our pledge to you, the guitarist; we strive for a lifetime of satisfaction in the instrument you purchase from Player Built Guitars.

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