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Bill "the Sauce Boss" Wharton
Chris Walker
Phil Brown
Terrilee Holm
Shawn Starski
"Missippy" James
Jerry Outlaw
Terrilee Holm: TL lived on a steady diet of Led Zeppelin, Robin Trower and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few, but heard a record that would completely change her playing style- the self-titled first album by Suzi Quatro. At 19 she joined a local girl band called Karizma as the rhythm guitar player. "I literally learned how to play guitar in that band... I'd never played in front of an audience before, my first gig was horrible...I froze." During her time with Karizma, she met good friend, Dina Neves, who was their drummer for a year. Not long afterward, TL and Dina formed Red Shoes.

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