Ernie Lancaster
Damon Fowler
Bill "the Sauce Boss" Wharton
Chris Walker
Phil Brown
Terrilee Holm
Shawn Starski
"Missippy" James
Jerry Outlaw
Phil Brown: Phil grew up around much of 50's music playing in his parent's house... Chet Atkins, Tony Bennet, opera, classical, jazz.
Phil couldn't wait to follow his dream and left home -- at 17 with an electric guitar, a suitcase and a pocketful of dreams. Hitched all around the US picking up one nighters and joining this band only to 'quit it' or be fired. The end of the road for many musicians is L.A and somehow or not surprisingly Phil ended up in Los Angeles in 1976 where he met the likes of Alice Cooper, Joe Cocker, Mad Dogs and The Englishmen where they were rehearsing. . . He ended up joining "Little Feat" and started writing songs - a lot of songs.

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