Ernie Lancaster
Damon Fowler
Bill "the Sauce Boss" Wharton
Chris Walker
Phil Brown
Terrilee Holm
Shawn Starski
"Missippy" James
Jerry Outlaw
Ernie Lancaster: I started playing guitar at age 10, gigging at 11, made my first record at about age 20 with Danny Dollar and have been at it ever since.
Most of the gigs around Florida in the mid-to-late sixties were teen dances or frat parties. My band, The Enemies, was still a little too young for the clubs but we were able to stay busy thanks to some local T.V. appearances.
After returning to Florida, I met Bob Greenlee and Foster McKenzie III (AKA: "Root Boy Slim"). Bob and I started a band called The Lake Joanna Band with Tommy Ruger, Winston Kelly and Walt Andrews.

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